Killer Squeeze Page Components – Five Simple Reasons Why Your Fancy Lead Capture Page Is Failing!

How many times have you noticed whenever you’re in one of the major appliance centers and they have at least twenty flat screen TV’s going all at once, kms auto ever notice how hard is to really focus on just one?

Even when they’re all on the same channel. Your eyes can’t really focus solely on any one particular choice can they?

Well guess what my friend? Online your visitors (especially) dryer repair san diego your all important first time visitor has the exact same problem so there is simply no need to compound their problem by having a site that is simply way too busy.

Ultimately your long term success or failure will be decided by how persuasive your copy is. Not how geeked out your site is. The fancy bell & whistles simply isn’t going to cut it.

The other thing is (have you) noticed that whenever you’re giving too many choices, outdoor living you have a tendency to do nothing. Bingo!

With that as a back drop, let’s quickly discuss:

Five Deadly Lead Capture Mistakes The Average Small Business Owner Makes! (And How To Correct Them!)

1.) Reason # one: 插花,花藝 In far too many cases your lead capture page and or main direct sales page website doesn’t clearly articulate what your # one most desired response is.

Meaning- if your first time visitor lands on your lead capture page and your only goal is to simply capture their contact information in order to strategically follow up with them over time.

Then you need to make sure your sites goal is crystal clear. By the way whenever your sites (lead capture pages) primary goal is simply to collect your visitors contact information (that being) their first name and primary email address.

That type of page is often referred to as a hard lead capture page. And conversely, 生意頂讓 whenever your online visitors (first time) or not arrive at your blog and they often have multiple options like:

A.) Read your articles.

B.) Watch your videos.

C.) Leave comments etc.

And you also offer them the opportunity to opt in (join) your list etc. That type of multi interactive site is often referred to as a soft lead capture page.

The other thing to always keep in mine is if your blog has any type of lead generating opt in form (and it should) and preferably it should always be located above the fold and located in either your upper left or right hand corner of your blog page.

Some inexpensive and strategic testing will ultimately reveal which location produces the most opt ins. And by the way the term -above the fold- simply refers to the part of your computer screen that your online visitors can see without having to use the scroll bar.

Because remember, online you have a measly five seconds or less to grab and hold your online visitors attention with your main customer centered power headline or they’re gone!

So if your opt in form is located beneath the fold, they may not stick around long enough to see it!

2.) Reason # two: As was previously mentioned in the opening paragraph, you make a huge mistake whenever your main direct sales page or your lead capture page simply has too many choices or activities going all at once!

It’s simply too distracting for your visitors and as a result they often get confused or worst yet, their extremely frustrated and bolt your site because again, fancy name your site did not clearly articulate what your # one most desired response was.

3.) Reason # three: This one is huge! So please pay close attention. Unlike the super successful online marketers. Your first time online visitor lands on your lead capture page -or blog- an instead of you merely settling for their first name and primary email address.

Oh no! Your site demands all of this other totally unnecessary upfront information in order to successfully begin your all important follow up process.

Instead your site practically forces your visitors (especially) your first time visitors to bolt your site because your sites opt in form demanding to know: silentdiscopamp

A.) Their cell phone number.

B.) What high school their Mom attended.

C.) Their dog’s middle name

D.) What year their next door neighbor graduated college etc! You (hopefully) get the idea here! Your killing your overall long term chances for success with your demand all this intimate detail upfront! Stop it!

4.) Reason # four: Don’t write a novel! Because it’s just like lead capture page optimization specialist Tim Ash says”Your online visitor has the attention span of a lit match!”

5.) Reason # five: You must always make sure that the your banner ads,click able links and every other method that you use to drive the all important targeted traffic to your site.

Matches the actual content and overall basic theme or (message) if you will of your site. No bait & switch here, because nothing (repeat) nothing irritates your online visitor more than a sites general theme that doesn’t match the ad or link that got them there! For more info please visit here:-

Just keep these basic themes in mine as you or your webmaster design your site and you’ll easily out promote at least 90% of your online clueless competitors! Guaranteed!


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