Hedge Your IRAs With Gold NOW Before It’s Too Late – Have Gold IRAs Set Up for You Today

For the longest time possible, the money in your individual retirement accounts is not backed up by something that has a real value. The only real money the world has ever known is gold and silver.

The US dollar, when it was still being backed up by gold has remained stable despite the many economic crises and upheavals it has gone through! But when the gold standard was abolished, that resulted in a continued-decline of value of the currency you knew you have in your IRAs.

It has been 40% loss of value in all the individual retirement accounts out there! If that is not alarming to you then let your money stay in those accounts and be guarded only by thin air! Gold as the real money is the only asset that is not affected by inflation. forbes

Why gold?

Inflation would be the biggest factor of the coming economic collapse! When your fund managers told you that your money has increased by 12% or so… before you jump into triumph check first the inflation rate the economy is facing right now and then shout victoriously if the increase was just appropriate.

The value being lost by the US dollar is the same exact value accumulating on another asset. And because of the printing of paper money, tons and tons of them, which is the government’s way of getting more paper money just to subsidize all its operations and to survive! Because of this, inflation could be so devastating for most of them who have no protection against such disaster.

The many savvy investors are looking at this value resting in GOLD. Out of the many printed paper money, all of them will be accounted for what the value of gold will be when that BOOM hits worldwide. If inflation is robbing the purchasing power of the US dollar, the boom is something you can anticipate basing on the indicators of the volatile economy and market and then take advantage of them.

George Soros is listed number 26 in the Forbes lists of world’s billionaires said that the US dollar is very weak and investors are moving to real assets.

Is your IRA already ‘hedged’?

You may have heard people who lost, if not all, their money in IRAs due to unfavorable market swings. Many still cry over losing what they worked-hard for. And why not, sabkobol that’s their money they lost, their lives savings and future!


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