Halloween Costumes for Plus Size Women – Top Four Story Book Costumes

It used to be difficult to find Halloween costumes for plus size women in the past. But, they are easily available now. Not only that, they come in all categories just like any other size costumes.

Yes, you heard right. Plus size costumes for women are of many types and they are all beautiful. But, I am going to write about story book costumes.

As little children, we all read story books; or someone read them to us. All the story book characters had specific clothes which identified them. They tickle your imagination every time you think about them. I have listed the top four below:

Red Riding Hood

Do you remember Red Riding Hood from your childhood? I do. She had a beautiful red dress and a matching red cape to go with it. This Halloween costume is a peasant dress. It has a red skirt, red hair wig white puffed sleeves and a tiny checker apron. It has a black blouse with a laced front. The whole dress has a white ruffle trim. The half-length red cape is made of velvet and has a ribbon at the neck. You can take a little picnic basket along with a red checker tea towel to match the outfit.

Snow White

Snow White is a predominant character of one’s childhood. Who can forget her? Her costume has a long skirt with white lace attached to it. It has a satin petticoat attached too. The dark blue bodice has an embroidered neckline with a zip in front. It has a small, red detachable satin cape. The collar is stiff and can be removed when required. The short, puffed sleeves are made of satin and will give you a princess-like appearance when worn. To top it off, the costume has a charming head band with a red bow. You will need red shoes to go with it according to your own comfort.

Mini Mouse

Play a cat and mouse game this Halloween in this dress. It is a short red dress with white polka dots(polka dots are my favourite). The black belt contrasts the red dress. The head-piece consists of a red bow (with red polka dots) and big Mini Mouse ears. The skirt has a stiff gauze petticoat underneath(This makes it flare out). Be sure to have white knee-long socks and black shoes with it.



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